Snowy Fires

My sister and cousin got out of school early yesterday because it started snowing and people here don’t know how to drive in the snow. My cousin’s half-sisters (two of my best friends.) came over because the older one is having her broken nose corrected today. Their mom asked my mom to go with them.  Just before they started to leave school was canceled for today. I was trying to convince the younger one to stay with us so she wouldn’t have to be up early when my dad said he was going to make a fire in our fire pit today for me. I was like yes she’ll defiantly stay now. The bad thing is she’s indecisive. So my dad flipped a coin for her. She ended up staying. She and I watched the meg last night (I LOVED IT). I went to bed right after because. my meds make me sleepy. Dad wakes me up around 9 this morning and says if you wanna play in the snow it’s starting to melt. I got up looked outside and saw smoke coming from the fire pit. I go and put on two layers to go out. I wind up waiting for my sister to put no less than four layers on. Our friend had one layer and a hoodie. We got out and stand around the fire pit. I get my fire poking stick (An old shovel handle) and jab at the embers. My sister puts two or three logs in the pit before my dad comes around the house with my cousin. They throw a couple of trash bags on the fire and a few more logs. My sister and our friend found their our sticks. In the end we were melting the snow with our sticks. It was great until my hands got too cold and we came in. 


Another year older

So my. Birthday was yesterday. I’m 20 years old and still haven’t figured out what to do with my life. Mostly because my doctors want me to get disability before I start college. So yeah another year older. It’s crazy for me to think that I’ve hit the second decade of my life. It feels like time if flying by me. In some ways I hate it in others I love it. I don’t know how to feel about it right now. It’s a bit unreal. Okay not a bit it’s completely unreal.

The Meg (Review)

I am fully aware of how late this is coming no need to remind me. I just watched it last night.  So the movie starts out as a rescue mission on a submarine. As you can expect it’s very action-packed and adrenaline pumping. When the Sub gets hit by something in the water two men get trapped in the sub while the others are safely in a second sub. Whatever it was that hit the first sub was big and strong enough to bust the hull. 

Then we’re switched to the future to an obnoxious rich man visiting his underwater research facility. Now the vibe I got off this character was a rich entitled scum bag. Which is expected from most shark movies. Moving on to the next scene: the scientists and divers are able to send cameras and a crew below 10,000 meters.  As expected everything’s going swimmingly until a big and fast creature is detected on the sonar. The said creature attacks one camera bites it in half and then hits the sub causing the systems to fail. 

Then we go on to getting the help of the man who led the first rescue. Jonas was treated like a crazy person for saying he thought there was something huge and dangerous in the depths.  Well, The woman in the sub yelled ‘Jonas was right!’ Just before communication went down.  Jonas agrees to help after hearing his ex-wife say he was right.  Jonas got all but one person out of the sub because that person sacrificed himself to save his friends.

After this brief and very well timed rescue, everyone argues about what to do with the new discovery of a megalodon shark. As this is going on the head scientist’s granddaughter is playing in the facility on her own. (Jonas wasn’t far from her keeping his ears open for her). She comes to a window facing away from the window she doesn’t see the megalodon swim up to the window. Slowly she looks up and fear floods her face. She doesn’t scream until the shark attempts to bite the glass.  She’s stood there frozen in fear, Everyone runs down to her as the hear and the glass and her scream. The kid doesn’t get hurt.

The find out the megalodon came up because of the heating vent. And as cliche, as we can get the only option is to kill it.  They spend the rest of the movie thinking of ways to kill it. Losing people along the way of course. They discover that not only was there one there were two! They killed one very quickly with poison.  The other they sliced open with a broken sub. 

The Ending was so unsatisfying but it was a good movies all in all. 

I Might be part Bear!!!!

Okay as it is the beginning of winter on my corner of the Earth I have been sleeping more and more during the day.  Yesterday I slept til noon got up to eat something then went back to bed. I then slept until 3 pm. Today I got up at 7 am and ate a bowl of cereal. Then I went back to bed til 11;30 am. Stayed up for an hour then went back to sleep. I’ve been up for 30 thirty minutes. I can say this much though I have had a bit of a headache all everytime I woke up slightly. I have come to the conclusion that I must be part bear or I become nocturnal in the winter.

I mean I don’t know how solid this theory is but I’m just pointing it out. Maybe someone else has this occurrence in their lives. Let me know if you have any of these experiences or just have an explanation for it

The day started off weird. I woke up with a headache and thought oh great another one. I’ve been having headaches because of the weather change. I know it’s supposed to snow here tonight and tomorrow sometime so I wasn’t surprised I had a headache. The weird part is I got up and instantly felt like I was going to throw up. I prayed I wasn’t coming down with the flu. luckily the upset stomach went away. I had thought the headache was over so I went to church with my dad. Not a twinge of a headache until now.  I can only describe what I am feeling like this:  It feels as though my head is being pushed inwards at my temples. Almost like someone is trying to crush my skull by pushed inwards on both sides of my head.


For this reason, I love when it storms or snows or anything. The days leading up to it may be horribly uncomfortable and painful but when it finally storms or the temperature evens out I feel so much relief. It’s almost unreal how much I loved storms now compared to when I was 12.  At 12 I hated hated hated storms. I’m paranoid. Like seriously paranoid about everything. So when the wind would pick up thoughts like ‘the roof is going to come off.’  race through my head. Heaven forbid the storms got worse i’d be in the hallway in teh house away from windows and doors under two blankets thinking ‘We’re gonna die here. and now’  And forget about having one of my parents not home during a storm my inward panic kicks in.


As I reread some of my favorite series  I think I’m going to post a few tiny details that play a big role later in the series. Or just things that excite me. First I’ll go through my most favorite series Harry Potter. Then I’ll go through the Percy Jackson books. Both series’ then Magnus Chase books. Then I’ll review the books I get for my birthday and Christmas this year.  Also, I’d like to have a few book recommendations from you guys.  look forward to my Harry Potter rereading details.THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. FOR ANY OF YOU UNCULTURED PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T READ HARRY POTTER PLEASE LEAVE MY BLOG. THANK YOU.